Approximately seven (6) weeks after the exam administration, you will be sent a report of your exam results by mail. You may receive your printed exam results in the mail before results are posted on your NABNE Dashboard.

Exam results are the property of the examinee. NABNE serves as an unbiased repository of those results. Your exam results will only be released to the regulatory authorities that you have designated on your application or transcript request, or to other parties with your written permission. To avoid possible misinterpretation and to protect your privacy, exam results will not be reported to you by telephone, fax, or email. You may see your results on the next page after agreeing to these terms and conditions. Do not share your login or password with other people.


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Manual Score Requests

Every answer sheet used for an NPLEX Examination is scanned by a state-of-the-art optical mark reader, and errors are reviewed by the scanning operator. The possibility of a scanning error is negligible. However, you may request a manual scoring from the most recent exam administration to verify that the answers you marked on your answer sheet(s) correctly match the answers recorded by the scanner. You will be notified of the results of this manual scoring, however, you will not receive additional information regarding your exam results (e.g., numerical scores, specific questions answered incorrectly, etc.).

If you would like to receive a manual scoring, your request and payment must be made online no later than April 30th (for an examination you take in February) and no later than October 30th (for an examination you take in August).

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