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Test Sites

In August 2019, the NPLEX Examinations will be administered at the following test sites:

Eastern Test Sites (CT, IL, ON, PR):

Western Test Sites (AZ, BC, CA, OR, WA):

There are different exam schedules for the Eastern and Western test sites. Be sure you follow the correct exam schedule for the specific test site you have selected.

Because the NPLEX Examinations are administered in public facilities, NABNE must comply with the policies of sponsoring institutions, many of which ban the use of scented personal products. NABNE has adopted a fragrance-free policy at all test sites. Due to chemical sensitivities of other examinees and testing personnel, you are asked to refrain from the use of fragrances (such as perfume, after-shave and cologne), or strongly scented personal products (such as powder, hair spray, hand sanitizers, deodorant, essential oils, etc.) during the days of examination.

 NABNE Obligation to Administer Examinations

NABNE cannot be held responsible if the NPLEX Examination(s) cannot be administered due to any circumstances beyond the control of NABNE that would make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to administer the examination(s) at the pre-determined time or on the pre-determined date. These circumstances include, but are not limited to: inclement weather, floods, earthquakes, fires, other natural disasters, power failures, strikes, curtailment of transportation systems, epidemics, accidents, explosions, riots or civil disorder, terrorism, acts of war or other national emergencies, or if the test site at the sponsoring institution is closed or compromised. If any of these events occur, your only recourse will be to take the examination(s) at the next regularly scheduled administration.