You are eligible to take the NPLEX Part II – Core Clinical Science Examination if:


  • You will have completed all requirements for graduation by March 31, 2023.


  • You have met the biomedical science examination requirement within the past ten (10) years5 (i.e., you have passed the NPLEX Part I – Biomedical Science Examination).

Contact the regulatory authority in the jurisdiction in which you intend to practice to determine which NPLEX Examinations you are required to pass to become eligible to apply for licensure/registration.

1 f you will not have graduated by January 16, 2023, NABNE must receive written pre-verification from your ANMP that you are on track to complete all requirements for graduation no later than March 31, 2023. Your exam results will not be released until NABNE receives confirmation from your school that you have completed all requirements for graduation.  If, by March 31, 2023,  NABNE does not receive a letter verifying that you have completed all requirements for graduation, the results from the examination(s) you take in February 2023 will be nullified.

2 If you graduated from a CNME-approved naturopathic medical program before it was accredited, contact NABNE.

3 If you have been licensed/registered but did not take the NPLEX, OR if you were licensed/registered prior to 1986 and are planning to be licensed/registered in a different state/province, contact NABNE.

4 If you graduated more than five (5) years ago, contact NABNE, regarding additional requirements.

5 If it has been more than ten (10) years since you passed the NPLEX Part I – Biomedical Science Examination, you are required to retake and pass the Part I – Biomedical Science Examination before you will be eligible to take any NPLEX Part II – Clinical Science Examinations.  If this applies to you, contact NABNE.