You are eligible to take the NPLEX Part I – Biomedical Science Examination if:

  • You have met the biomedical science coursework requirement at an approved naturopathic medical program (ANMP)1,2 (i.e., when you have completed anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pathology, and all required labs);


  • You are currently enrolled in3 or have graduated within the last five (5) years4 from an ANMP.

1 If you graduated from a CNME-approved program before it was accredited, contact NABNE.

2 If you have been licensed/registered but did not take the NPLEX, OR if you were licensed/registered prior to 1986 and are planning to be licensed/registered in a different state/province, contact NABNE.

3 If you are on an approved leave of absence from an ANMP, you may, under certain circumstances, still be eligible to take the NPLEX Part I – Biomedical Science Examination.  If this applies to you, contact NABNE.

4 If you graduated more than five (5) years ago, contact NABNE regarding additional requirements.