Last June, the naturopathic profession lost a beloved leader. Dr. Spring began working as a volunteer with NPLEX in 1994. As a member of the NPLEX Council of Exam Chairs, he contributed his clinical expertise to the development of the NPLEX Core Clinical Examinations. The depth and breadth of Dr. Spring’s knowledge were vital in the creation of examinations that were relevant and valid. Although he originally trained as a chiropractor, his belief in and commitment to naturopathic principles never flagged. Dr. Spring continued to volunteer as an NPLEX exam chair until 2020.

In 2001, a year after NPLEX established NABNE, Dr. Spring joined the NABNE Board of Directors. His experience as the Chair of the Ontario Board of Drugless Therapy-Naturopathy (1992-1998) was critical to the Board’s understanding of the regulatory function of NABNE. Dr. Spring became the President of the NABNE Board of Directors in 2007. As a leader, he never wavered in upholding NABNE’s values of integrity, fairness, respect, and accountability. He led NABNE through some extremely challenging times, and after all was said and done, he could always feel proud of NABNE’s role within the profession.

NABNE owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Spring for his many years of service to both NPLEX and NABNE. His passing has left a hole in our hearts.