Thank you for your patience as we navigate the constraints imposed by COVID-19.

We have been working 7 days a week to make all the arrangements to safely administer the NPLEX examinations as scheduled. Unfortunately, some factors are beyond our control. The governor of California has effectively closed all possible test site venues, forcing us to cancel the exam administration in California (only). Anyone who had registered to take the examinations in San Diego will be receiving an email with more information.

As of July 15, 2020, NABNE is scheduled to administer the examinations in AZ, CT, IL, OR, WA, PR, BC, and ON. In light of rapidly changing conditions and requirements in various states and provinces, we will provide updates if information changes.

Although NABNE had recently issued a statement requiring 14-day self-quarantine OR a negative COVID-19 test result for examinees who were traveling to the test site from other states/provinces, the NABNE Board has decided that these are not viable options for examinees at this point in time. Your safety, as well as that of other examinees and staff, is of utmost importance, and we are taking all reasonable precautions to that end. You have an obligation to do your part to protect your classmates (other examinees) and the NABNE proctors in this regard as well. Instead of requiring self-quarantine or negative COVID-19 test results, the Board is asking that every examinee make a commitment to follow COVID-prevention precautions (regarding the wearing of masks and observing 6-ft. (2-m.) social distancing whenever you are out in public) for the 14 days prior to and during the exam administration. You agree to stay at home if you are sick. This commitment will be validated by your signature on the NABNE Statement of Social Obligation. This document will be sent to you 2 weeks you in advance of the exam administration; you will be asked to sign it and bring it with you to the test site.

Some states and provinces have specific jurisdictional requirements. If you are traveling from outside the state/province, you must determine what these requirements are and abide by them.

Will the NPLEX be postponed?

NABNE is moving forward on the assumption that it will be safe to administer the NPLEX Examinations as planned on August 4-7, 2020; the Board is exploring every avenue to make sure the examinations are administered as scheduled; however, because circumstances continue to change rapidly, the examinations might need to be postponed in order to comply with evolving public safety requirements. NABNE will continue to monitor developments of the COVID-19 crisis and will update the website regarding the August 2020 NPLEX exam administration if changes must be made.

Are contingency plans being made to administer the NPLEX if it can’t be administered in August?

If the situation is such that NABNE cannot legally or practically administer the NPLEX in August, consideration will be given to postponing the exam administration until September, or such time as it will be possible.

Will NABNE be administering the NPLEX online?

No. NABNE will not be administering the NPLEX online. NABNE intends to administer the examinations, as social/physical distancing requirements permit, at pre-determined NABNE test sites.

Will I be able to take my examination(s) at a NABNE test site that is not in the same city as my school?

Yes, you can take the examinations at any NABNE test site. You must, however, indicate the site at which you plan to take the examinations when your register in May to take the examinations.

Will I be able to change my test site after I have registered to take the NPLEX in May?

No. Assuming that we will be able to seat only a limited number of people in compliance with social/physical distancing requirements, we will not be able to transfer seats to other test sites after you submit your application to take the NPLEX in August.

Will NABNE schedule alternate test sites for those who cannot travel to one of the regular NABNE test sites?

No. Although NABNE has, in the past, arranged alternative test sites for 10 or more examinees, the current situation will not make this possible at this time.

When will we know for sure that the NPLEX will be administered in August?

NABNE is operating on the assumption that if the NPLEX can be administered with appropriate precautions (social/physical distancing, wearing of face masks, etc.) NABNE will be able to administer the examinations in August. If, however, there continue to be government prohibitions against gatherings of people, NABNE will have to abide by the limitation set by those restrictions. We cannot say when current prohibitions will be lifted, but if restrictions are still in plance in the cities where NABNE test sites are located, the NABNE Board will make a decision by mid-July.

Is NABNE collaborating with other organizations in medical education and licensing to discuss potential solutions for examinees?

One of NABNE’s Board members is also a member of the AANMC, so the channel between NABNE and the schools is open. NABNE staff are also staff for the FNMRA (Federation of Naturopathic Medicine Regulatory Authorities), so NABNE is closely connected to the issues of the licensing agencies.

Will I be able to take the NPLEX Part II Examinations if I’m not able to complete my graduation requirements before the exam date?

The NABNE Board recognizes that, with disruptions to class schedules, some students might be wondering whether they will be graduating in time to apply for the August exam administration. NABNE is working with the AANMC and the CNME to find a alternative pathways to completion of graduation requirements which will allow students to take the NPLEX Examinations in August.

NABNE recognizes, however, that some students still might not have met all requirements by the time the school must verify graduation, and has established a COVID policy that will be in place for the August 2020 administration of the NPLEX ONLY:

If, before March 2020, you were on track to graduate in the summer of 2020 (verified by a letter from your registrar), you will be allowed to take the examinations. Your exam results, however, will not be released until your school has verified, no later than September 15, 2020, that you have completed all requirements for graduation.

Will I be refunded if I’ve applied and don’t get a seat at the test site?

If you apply and are eligible to sit for the examination, but NABNE has to limit the number of examinees due to governmental restrictions, you will be given a full refund.

What will NABNE do to keep us safe during the exam administration?

All examinees will be required to wear face masks to the test site. NABNE will have a limited number of these masks available, and will provide hand sanitizer at the site. Assuming that social/physical distancing guidelines will still be in effect, NABNE will ensure that examinees are placed 6 feet apart. Contact with proctors (e.g., exam booklet exchange) will be minimized to the extent possible. NABNE is in the process of identifying other measures and policies to ensure participants safety.