Unofficial exam result(s) (Pass/Fail only) have been posted to your online profile.  To access your exam results:

  • Log in to your online profile.
  • Click on the NPLEX Exam Results tab at the top of your dashboard.
  • Read the information under Viewing Your Exam Results.
  • Click on AGREE TO TERMS & CONDITIONS at the bottom of the page.
  • View your unofficial P/F result(s) on the NPLEX Exam Results page.

NABNE makes every attempt to ensure that these unofficial exam results posted online are correct; however, it is not possible for NABNE to guarantee that the information posted online is accurate.

Official hard copies of NPLEX exam results have been be sent to you by regular mail. These official (hard) copies include more detailed information than that provided on the dashboard of your online profile. The report of exam results includes a visual scale that illustrates how you performed relative to the cut score in each general exam area. If you failed the examination, the report will also include a visual scale that illustrates the strength of your performance in each specific exam area (SEA) relative to how you performed in the other SEAs. If you took any or all of the Part II – Clinical Elective Examinations (Minor Surgery, Elective Pharmacology, or Acupuncture), the report will include a section that shows a P (Pass) or F (Fail) designation, along with the converted score(s) you achieved on any or all of these examinations.

If you had a change of address prior to March 20th, when the exam results were mailed, you should be sure that the post office has your updated address.  NABNE will not resend reports of exam results until April 1st.  If you have not received the official report of your exam results by April 1st, please contact NABNE.

If you took the NPLEX Part II – Clinical Science Examinations, NABNE will also send an official copy of your exam results to the single regulatory authority you indicated on your Part II – Clinical Science Examination Application. Please note that there will be approximately two weeks between the time exam results have been posted online and when they are received by the regulatory authorities. Calls/emails to NABNE during this time will not expedite the time it takes for you to be issued a license to practice.

To avoid possible misinterpretation and to protect your privacy, exam results will not be reported by telephone, fax, or e-mail.


It is your responsibility to ensure that NABNE has your current mailing address. If you have had a change of address since the time you submitted your application to take the February 2020 NPLEX Examinations, you must notify NABNE via the Address Change form.


After you receive your results from the current NPLEX administration, you may request that a transcript that includes both your NPLEX Part I and Part II exam results be sent to additional regulatory authorities. Submit your Transcript Request and payment of US$25 online. Transcript requests are typically processed within 3-5 business days of receipt.

Official transcripts of NPLEX exam results must be sent directly from NABNE. A transcript sent directly to you will be unofficial and will be noted as such.


If you would like to receive a Manual Scoring of an examination you took in February 2020, your request and payment must be made online no later than April 30, 2020. The Manual Scoring Fee of US$40 for the Part I – Biomedical Science Examination, US$60 for the Part II – Core Clinical Science Examination, and US$25 for each Part II – Clinical Elective Examination must be paid using a debit or credit card.


Because we are currently living with unprecedented uncertainty due to COVID-19, it is impossible to know what the situation will be like in August. NABNE is moving forward on the assumption that it will be safe to administer the NPLEX Examinations as planned on August 4-7, 2020. Circumstances continue to change rapidly, however, and the dates might need to be revised in order to comply with evolving public safety requirements. NABNE will continue to monitor developments of the COVID-19 crisis and will update the website regarding the August 2020 NPLEX exam administration if changes must be made.

The NABNE Board recognizes that, with disruptions to class schedules, some students might be wondering whether they will be graduating in time to apply for the August exam administration. NABNE is working with the AANMC and the CNME to find an alternative pathway to completion of graduation requirements which will allow students to take the NPLEX Examinations on the dates in August that were set originally. You can expect more information on this topic by the middle of April.

NABNE hopes to be able to administer the NPLEX this coming August with as little disruption and impact on your future plans as possible. Your patience and understanding are deeply appreciated as we navigate this challenging time together.


The period for application to take the August 2020 NPLEX Examinations will be open from May 1 – June 1, 2020. If you are planning to take the NPLEX Examinations in August 2020, you may create an online profile and submit your application and fees during that time only.