Thank you for your patience as we navigate the constraints imposed by COVID-19. We have been working 7 days a week to make all the arrangements to safely administer the NPLEX examinations as scheduled.

July 27, 2020, NABNE is scheduled to administer the examinations in AZ, BC, CA, CT, IL, ON, OR, PR, and WA. In light of rapidly changing conditions and requirements in various states and provinces, we will provide updates if information changes.

Although NABNE had recently issued a statement requiring 14-day self-quarantine OR a negative COVID-19 test result for examinees who were traveling to the test site from other states/provinces, the NABNE Board has decided that these are not viable options for examinees at this point in time. Your safety, as well as that of other examinees and staff, is of utmost importance, and we are taking all reasonable precautions to that end. You have an obligation to do your part to protect your classmates (other examinees) and the NABNE proctors in this regard as well. Instead of requiring self-quarantine or negative COVID-19 test results, the Board is asking that every examinee make a commitment to follow COVID-prevention precautions (regarding the wearing of masks and observing 6-ft. (2-m.) social distancing whenever you are out in public) for the 14 days prior to and during the exam administration. You agree to stay at home if you are sick. This commitment will be validated by your signature on the NABNE Statement of Social Obligation. This document will be sent to you 2 weeks you in advance of the exam administration; you will be asked to sign it and bring it with you to the test site.  In addition, you will be required to complete the NABNE Self-Health-Screening Form on the day before your first examination.  You will need to bring this signed document with you to the test site on the day of your first examination.

Some states and provinces have specific jurisdictional requirements. If you are traveling from outside the state/province, you must determine what these requirements are and abide by them.


Print your Registration Ticket for the August 2020 NPLEX Examinations between July 21 – August 3, 2020 from the dashboard of your online Profile. If you wait to print your ticket until after that time, NABNE staff may not be available to assist you with any issues you may encounter.


In addition to a printed copy of your Registration Ticket and one piece of your current government-issued photo ID, you will be required to bring a signed Statement of Social Obligation and Self-Health Screening Form to gain admittance to the August 2020 NPLEX examination(s).  The Self-Health Screening Form must be completed the day before your first examination. The Self-Health Screening Form has been updated to include contact tracing information since it was first emailed to you.  This form must be completed before you will be admitted to the test site.


NABNE does not defer/hold fees or transfer/postpone exam dates. If you fail to notify NABNE regarding your absence before your exam date, all fees will be forfeited. For information regarding notification and refunds, see Cancellation.