The period for application to take the August 2022 NPLEX Part II – Clinical Science Examinations is May 1-31, 2022.  NABNE recommends that you register to take the August 2022 NPLEX Examinations within the first two weeks of May.  This will ensure that NABNE staff is able to make adequate testing arrangements well in advance of the exam dates.  In addition, if you wait until May 31st to apply and you need technical assistance in order to submit your application, NABNE staff may not be available to help you.

It is your responsibility to follow the instructions required to submit your application.  For complete instructions, see Application Process.

  • Review the current Examinee Handbook pertaining to the examinations you are planning to take.
  • Create an online Profile and password for the August 2022 NPLEX administration.
  • Complete and submit your application and payment via the dashboard of the online Profile you create.
    • Upload your current government-issued photo ID
    • Upload your name change documentation (if your name has changed since your last application)
    • Review your entries for accuracy
    • Submit your payment in U.S. dollars using a debit or credit card (payment must be made when you finish completing your application)
  • Check your email for your Confirmation Receipt (If you do not receive the receipt within a few minutes, check your spam folder)
  • Download the NPLEX Blueprint & Study Guide from the link in your Confirmation Receipt


When NABNE has all materials required to complete your application, and has received a letter of verification or pre-verification (Part II applicants only) from the registrar at your ANMP, you will be approved to take the examination(s).

  • Log in to your online Profile after June 21, 2022 to check your Registration Status and determine if your application has been approved.


To be admitted to the examination(s), you will be required to present a printed copy of your Registration Ticket.

  • Log in to your online Profile after July 21, 2022 to print a copy of your Registration Ticket.